For DX’ers

Two-way contacts in HF bands will be evaluated for the Love DX Award. Participants will not submit any log. Logs from the love stations will be collected and evaluated. Each “band – mode – love callsign” combination brings a single QSO point to DX’ers. Duplicates will count as only one. QSO’s with YL operators of the Love Stations will count as 2 QSO points. DX’ers collecting 4 QSO points will receive Love DX Award. In worldwide evaluation, the first 3 position will win the “Love Degree Award”. All awards will be served in printable electronic formats on this web site with a callsign query.

For Shortwave Listeners

SWL participation is welcome. Reports may be submitted via s-mail or e-mail. Both parties of a two-way communication has to be included in the report. Exact frequency is not necessary, band info is OK. However date and UTC time has to be clearly indicated to facilitate confirmation. Evaluation of a SWL report is very similar to two-way QSO’s. In this case a QSO is said to be a reception and 4 QSO points will bring the listener a “Love SWL Award”. Included antenna and receiver info will be appreciated.

For Love Stations

Love callsign are special callsigns with LOVE at the suffix, such as TC4LOVE. The callsigns has to be registered and operated based on the local regulations. Love Stations has to be registered using the Registration Form in Ham for love website or contraction us via email. Operator lists and all other details may be updated among the activity period. The proposed CQ call is “CQ for love” in the operations.

Love Stations manage their QSL workflow themselves. DX’ers will contact QSL manager of the Love Callsigns as usual. Love Stations may have different QSL policies. As a new feature, an electronic printable “Love QSL” will be generated at the Query section for 2017. However this is not a replacement of classical QSL workflows.

Each Love Station operated by a group of operators has a responsible manager within the project. Responsible has to provide valid and updated information to us. Station responsible will be added to our related email distribution lists for announcements.

At the end of year, station responsible will send the station logs and final operator list to us. Logs may be in any electronic format. YL logs has to be provided separately or indicated in the Operator field of the ADIF to provide us giving double score as indicated in the roles for DX’ers.

All operators worked in the Love Stations will receive “Love Operator Award”. The Love Station activating any country for the first time ever, will receive the “Country Initiator Award”. YL’s of Love Stations will receive an additional “YL Award”



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