About Project

The project aims to present a lovely activity for DX’ers all over the world, based on the idea of Team Papa and some amateur friends. We enjoy calling “CQ for love” at the bands and share this concept with DX contacts. We believe this afford serves for peace and love. The project “HAM for Love” is a lovely alternative to those many other HAM activities subjected to history, wars, victories etc.

As described at the history section, the first idea of celebrating the Valentine’s Day has been extended in the project to whole year. Therefore the love stations will be on the air all among the year. You may either catch Love Stations or consider operate one and initiate your country within the project. Love stations are simply special callsigns with LOVE at the suffix, such as TC4LOVE.

The project is technically supported by Team Papa, a Turkish Amateur Radio Activity and Contest team. However it belongs to all amateurs. We are improving the project based on the ideas and support of HAM community worldwide. Your participation is highly valuable for us in case of any idea sharing, comment and active support.

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